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          ompany info

          Contact us

          Handan Xiangsheng Cast Co., Ltd

          TEL:+86-310-7860788 7888788

          Contact:Li Xinliang




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          Company Info

          Handan Xiangsheng Cast Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise,which is specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing of all kinds of castings. The foundry was founded in September 9, 1999 with the registered capital of 28 million Yuan, and covers an area of 46000㎡. The production capacity is 30,000 tons yearly. The foundry has the casting workshop, ancillary workshop and machining workshop. And owns perfect physical and chemical checking and testing equipment. we are certified by ISO9001 international quality system in Jan.2001 and won EN124 product certification in 2011.
          Registered trademark "QILI", the products meet the national standards and EN124 standards. The foundry majors in producing all kinds of cast iron and ductile iron manhole covers, gully grates, tree grates and so on, which has excellent and scientific design, good anti-theft performance; The products mainly used in the major cities of telecommunications, gas, municipal, roads , cable TV, water and other projects supporting the Group's products; mainly sold to Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Guangzhou and surrounding cities and towns, and exported to the UK, USA, Italy, Belgium and other countries. We have won the good reputation in the international and domestic markets.
          Enterprise Guidelines:
          honesty, quality products, Continuous Improvement and Customers Satisfaction. Sincerely welcome to visit our company and develop business together!

          Sincerely welcome to visit our company and develop business together!

          Handan Xiangsheng Cast Co., Ltd  History

          In 1999 Handan Xiangsheng Cast Co., Ltd founded relying on the abundant resources.

          In 2008 big changes within 3 years in Handan and keeping pace with the times.

          In 2014 we win a sustainable development of modern production environments.